12 Ways to Find Older Areas to Hunt

Metal detecting is amazing because you can never know what you will find.  However, what should you do when you have searched the well known areas?  Should you just keep going over the same places over and over again hoping to find something that was missed before?  Well, no in fact, you don’t need to do that.  Here are twelve great ways to find some older areas to hunt for some amazing new treasures.

Look Over School Records and Reports

Treasure hunting can be really fun when you look at old school records.  You can find out a lot of different areas within the old school ruins and you are sure to find lots of different treasures.  You can even trace some roots that students may have took so that you can find unwanted old coins, and maybe even old pieces of jewelry.

Use Old Newspapers

Newspapers have a great variety of information within them.  There are lots of different stories and you can easily find different carnivals, events, festivals and many more special occasions which can offer you options.  You might be able to find some great resources to use to find treasure.  Though, even if the festivals are long gone, you could still search these areas for some new treasures.

You Can Use Tax Records

Tax records can be excellent options to consider when it comes to finding some new treasures.  You can see where some old houses once stood as well as where older buildings which are no longer there.  You can go and search these areas and hopefully you will be able to find some new items.  There is a good chance; you’ll find some great old coins not in use anymore when you’re out metal detecting.

Use Old Maps to Find Treasure

When you use the best metal detector you can find lots of amazing items.  The maps you use can help you locate older builders which are no longer in use as well as some great locations that you can search.  Older maps can contain lots of information about buildings and places of interest that were once there which you can search.  This can be great to help you find amazing little items.

Ask Historical Societies for Information

When metal detecting, you can find some great items when you ask historical societies for more info.  To be honest, these local societies know lots about the local and wider areas and you can find out which areas are the best to check.  You can overlook a lot of great places but when you enquire at the local historical society you can find out great locations.

Ask Your Grandparents

If your grandparents have been around for a long time then they know lots of interesting places to visit to search for some new treasure.  Really, your grandparents might know lots of unsearched locations that you can use within the city.  You can find lots of amazing things when metal detecting.

Police Reports Can Offer Great Insight

There have been lots of robberies over the years and that does mean you have many hidden treasures out there.  What this means is that you could be sitting so close to a hidden stash of cash!  Police reports can offer you a big insight into hidden locations and if you love treasure hunting, this can be a good option to consider.

You Can Try Churches

Churches can hold lots of information about the local town and city.  This can help you to find some great information to go metal detecting and find amazing items.  Of course, churches may no longer be there so if you find some info about a demolished church, it could be great to search there.  Any large church related items could be returned to a local church.

Museums Are a Gold Mine

To be honest, museums are great to search for information.  The reason why is simply because they can help to point you in the right direction to search.  History is their game so they do know where the best places to search are.  You will find you find amazing treasures when you use the best metal detector.

Try Old Colleges

Colleges are massive which means that you have a big area to search.  This could mean you find some amazing little items out there in and around the campus.  However, this can be a fantastic place to start when you want to find treasure.

Your Local Library

Libraries offer lots of information.  You are going to be able to find a lot of resources to use and you can find out about local areas, the entire city or wider areas.  If you love treasure hunting the local library is a good way to start.

Your Local Fire Station Records

The local fire station records can tell you about different buildings that existed in the local area.  This can help give you a good way to start your search.  What is more, you can find out lots of great items while treasure hunting.

Enjoy Your Search

There are lots of amazing ways to find older area to hunt for treasure today.  Many are easy to find and some may take a little more time however, you really can find this to be fun and enjoyable.  Why not enjoy your search with the best metal detector and find new treasure at your doorstop.

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