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Metal Detectors Explained


Treasure hunting isn’t just something you see in old pirate movies.  Today, there are more and more people who go in search of hidden treasures around the world.  Though, it seems there are more amateurs looking to get into treasure hunting part-time and it has certainly become very popular.  However, many people don’t really understand metal detecting entirely, so here is a simple to understand guide what metal detectors are and why it has become popular.

What Do Metal Detectors

12 Ways to Find Older Areas to Hunt


Metal detecting is amazing because you can never know what you will find.  However, what should you do when you have searched the well known areas?  Should you just keep going over the same places over and over again hoping to find something that was missed before?  Well, no in fact, you don’t need to do that.  Here are twelve great ways to find some older areas to hunt for some amazing new treasures.

Look Over School Records and Reports

Types of Metal Detectors


Metal detecting Arizona is a very popular past time; however, it can be a very rewarding hobby that many choose to take up.  You could go in search for little treasures and end up making a huge discovery!  You never know what you could find but it can be difficult at times to know which metal detector you should choose.  There are in fact many options to consider but it is important to choose the right one for you.



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